Easy ways to SAVE money if you want to travel the world

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to new exotic places? Maybe seeing the Eiffel tower in Paris or the Tai Mahal in India? But, you don’t have the funds to travel? Well, today I will cover three different ways to save up for that vacation or holiday you’ve always aspired to go on. The first topic covered will be 24 ways you can save money BEFORE travel. Then, I list 25 ways to save DURING traveling, and finally, some mental hacks to keep you in check! Without future ado, lets get to it and put those dreams into plans!

Before the Trip:

  1. Own less. Sell furniture or anything that you can to downsize. 
  2. Go through clothes and donate them or sell them online. 
  3. Walk or bike to work if you can. Its better for the environment and your health!
  4. Or, go by public transportation to save money on gas.
  5. Try asking a coworker to carpool. 
  6. Eventually, sell your car if you have one. 
  7. Which means no car insurance 👏🏼
  8. Don’t buy clothes or go to the mall. It’s too tempting. 
  9. If you need a piece of clothing, buy it from a thrift store or second hand. 
  10. Lower you’re energy bill.
  11. Stop going to bars as much. Alcohol=expensive. 
  12. On top of that, stop going to restaurants and cook at home.
  13. Speaking of home, move back in with your parents. 
  14. Or if you can’t, try renting one of your rooms on airbnb. 
  15. If you are missing friends. Have a pot luck at home instead of going out to eat. 
  16. Don’t buy coffee at a cafe. I know. I said it! Instead, make it at home.
  17. Meal prep and bring your lunch to work. 
  18. Pick up extra shifts at work. 
  19. Or get a second job.
  20. Change your money into the currency you are going to so you don’t spend it.
  21. Or open up a ‘vacation’ account and add money from your paycheck each month. The key is to treat it like a bill.
  22. Find a hobby that is free. Like hiking. It’s good for your health and it cost nothing. 
  23. Cancel your monthly services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime) that you don’t use as often.
  24. Cancel your cable while your at it too.
  25. Sign up for a travel rewards credit card if your responsible enough. 😉

While traveling:

  1. Volunteer! Sometimes you will receive free accommodation and meals. Workaway.info or woofing.com are great sites to become familiar with.
  2. Teach abroad! You can easily find teaching jobs all around the world or online.
  3. Try out slow adventure traveling like the Camino de Santiago.
  4. or just slow traveling in general. Take your time in places and really get to know the culture!
  5. Buy from grocery store and cook as much as possible.
  6. Also, buy veggies and fruit in season.
  7. Eat out at lunch instead of dinner. During lunch time there are better deals.
  8. Hostel bars are usually cheaper than regular bars. (Especially if they are trying to promote)
  9. Book Hostels instead of hotels. Hostelworld.com is a great website or app to find cheap accommodation.
  10. Or try out couch surfing at couchsurfing.com
  11. Do you research. Some hostels include free dinner or breakfast if you stay there.
  12. Also, hostel staff can be really helpful with purchasing museum tickets or public transportation tickets at a discounted price. 
  13. If your up for it, try out house sitting or care-taking. Housecarers.com is a great website to checkout for house available all over the world.
  14. Travel light. No checked bags! Saved me so much money traveling through Europe. 
  15. Bring a water bottle! Say no to plastic. 
  16. Speaking of no plastic, Reuse your shampoo and conditioner bottles and refill as you go.
  17. Window shop instead of actually shopping. 
  18. Make friends at a bar! Sometimes friends will treat you and buy you a free drink!
  19. Travel during the shoulder season or off season.
  20. Search for free walking tours on the internet. Simply search, ‘Free walking tours in *insert city*’
  21. Speaking of walking, don’t stop! Walking is a great way to see a new place.
  22. Find free activities such as farmers markets and concerts.
  23. Make friends with a local. They can show you around in their spare time!
  24. Also, locals will know tons of information on things to do that are budget friendly.
  25. Travel slow if you can. It helps to appreciate the little things in life.
  26. Buy a SIM card instead of using your cell phone carrier back at home.
  27. Sign up for memberships in grocery stores. Most of the time they are free and get you sweet deals on groceries!

Mental  tips and tricks:

  1. Ask yourself “Is this helping me get to my goal?” before every purchase.
  2. Keep a sticky note in wallet to remind you the bigger picture.
  3. Tell you friends your goal and have them keep you accountable.
  4. Create a vision board of all the places you want to visit and look at it everyday.
  5. Set a time limit. When you set a timeline you know exactly when you want to hit that goal. Then, you can take the preliminary steps to get there.
  6. Commit to the 365 rule. Because saving is an every day lifestyle. For example, if you buy one coffee at $5, then multiply that by 365 and it brings the total to $1,825 per year on coffee!

All in all, in order to save money, you need to make traveling a priority. Without putting it first, you will never reach your goal of doing the things you actually want to do. You might not live this luxurious lifestyle at the first stages but that’s the type of sacrifices you need to make in order to make traveling your reality. Now, I wanna know, what do you do in order save money?

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