Free ESL Worksheets for grade 1

Use these FREE resources and worksheets in your classroom as an ESL teacher. They make the perfect activity for first grade students who are just learning English. Also, these educational worksheets are great for kids who are homeschooled or need some extra practice outside the classroom. Head over to my shop for more ESL resources, flashcards, props, and more!

  1. The topic for this worksheet is shapes. Students need to read and draw the shapes as well as identify each shape and spell them. The backside features adjectives like long, big and little. Additionally, the students must circle the correct grammar in the sentence using “There is/are” and draw the number of shapes. It’s a great worksheet for reviewing shapes with some extra vocabulary to make it more challenging. Click the link below to download.

Be sure to check out my shapes packet if you want your students to get more practice! This bundle comes with 5 pages, free flashcards and even a word-search!

shapes worksheet esl

2. The topic for this worksheet is weather. The students draw the weather by reading the sentence in each box. I use this worksheet when introducing new vocabulary for an easy introduction to the topic. Click the link below to download.

3. This is a super simple toys worksheet for review or introducing a topic. The students need to label each toy using the vocabulary box at the top. Click the link down below to download and use in your classroom. It’s only one sided but I asked my students to draw some of their favorite toys on the other side to share at the end of class.

4. This spelling colors worksheet is perfect for young learners who need some practice spelling. There is a fun word search on the backside to keep those fast students busy. Use the bubble on the left side to fill in the correct color.

Still need more resources and worksheets? Don’t worry! I got you covered! This 5 page color packet helps students increase their vocabulary skills, writing skills and even comes with a FREE word-search! Check it out here!

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