4 ESL Resources for your Online Classroom

This post is for all my online ESL teachers out there! If you are struggling with new content or ways to keep your kids engaged, try out some of these resources in your next lesson. Use props like flash cards and rewards systems, or try playing some online games on Wordwall and Games4esl! Either way, you are bound to have a fun next class!

Games4esl Youtube Videos

Games4esl is a resource to use in your online classroom. You can use their videos for phonics games, vocabulary activities, and English quizzes. Add it in your lesson by using the videos to create a speaking or writing activity. They also make great warm up videos or cool down videos for an introduction to a new topic. I use the Classroom Objects Game for a warm up when I want to review school supplies. The students love guessing the object as the time runs out. They cover subjects like animals, holidays, food, phonics and even some grammar. The video above slowly reveals farm animals and the students have to guess the animal. How fun is that?!

Rewards Systems

Rewards systems can help teachers with classroom management. They are a great prop to have if you teach kids online. Additionally, rewards systems can make class more exciting by rewarding them for good behavior. Use the Sea Animal rewards system to help students learn the different sea animals. Or, my personal favorite, the Cookie Jar rewards system where you can give students different types of cookies and fill up the jar before class ends!


Wordwall.net is a website made for ESL teachers to create customized activities and games. You can create up to 3 free resources when you create an account. Plus, you are able to use other activities made by teachers just like you! Some activities include quizzes, memory, spin the wheel, and matching games. I love to use them for a vocabulary exercise for my grade 1 students. Here are a few of my favorites: Color Match, Phonics Quiz, and Spin the Wheel (school supplies edition)

ESL Teaching Starter Kit

Saving the best for last! If you are a new ESL Teacher, this is the bundle for you! This Printable ESL Starter kit includes everything you need to start your online classroom. It has a color poster, an abc poster, over 144 flash cards, a microphone prop, 3 different rewards systems, a world map, country flags, and so much more! It’s a one stop shop for online teachers and can make a great addition to your classroom.


aaaaandddddd there you have it! In your next class, try adding one of these new elements above and let me know how it worked out in the comments. Also, I know there are a lot more exciting interactive websites out there, so feel free to comment them below. I am always looking for new material I can share in my classroom! #TeachersSupportTeachers

If you are new to online teaching, read How to Set up your Online Classroom. There are some useful tips on setting up your new classroom ranging from equipment needed, to different printable props you can use.

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