Hi travel buddies!

I’m Ronnie, a dog-loving, ice cream eating, hiking enthusiast, who loves to explore the world and make new friends! I specialize in affordable, sustainable, and adventurous travel and I am here to show YOU the way! I have a fun-loving twin sister, Celena, and we love to travel the world together. (Hence: twin traveler) Can you guess which one I am below?

“Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage…”

I decided to quit my job to pursue the life of the unknown take on the world! I used to think that traveling alone was frightening and I didn’t see how it was possible. (Oh how things have changed!) I have been to numerous places all over the world but I have never visited them alone. THIS THOUGHT TERRIFIED ME. Until…. I bought a one way ticket to Amsterdam and never looked back! Since then, I have visited Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Mexico, and Asia!

I’ve hiked 25 days from Switzerland to Rome. I’ve snowboarded in the French alps. I traveled through five countries ALONE. Those are a few of my favorite memories which are all possible for YOU to do too!!

Currently, I am teaching English in Thailand to some youngsters and I am loving every minute of it. I love to share my day to day lifestyle of being a teacher on instagram @twin.traveler. Also, I post free worksheets and props here. If teaching English sounds like an interesting job for you, check out how to get your TEFl certificate and start traveling and teaching…. just like me!

I want to help others and show them that IT IS POSSIBLE to pursuit your dreams of traveling! I want to encourage YOU to face your fears and doubts you have about traveling to explore new places by using some tip and tricks I have learned along the way.

Thank you for taking time to read a little about myself. Take a look around my site and learn how to start traveling NOW!

LET’S BE FRIENDS! Find me on IG @twin.traveler and we can connect!

(P.S If you are wondering, I am the one on the left)

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