Hi travel buddies!

I’m Ronnie, a dog-loving, ice cream eating, hiking enthusiast, who loves to share the world with good people, great music, and unforgettable adventures. I specialize in affordable, sustainable, and adventurous travel and I am here to show YOU the way! I have a fun-loving twin sister, Celena, and we love to travel the world together. (Hence: twin traveler) Can you guess which one I am below?

“Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage…”

I decided to quit my job to pursue the life of the unknown take on the world! I used to think that traveling alone was frightening and I didn’t see how it was possible. (Oh how things have changed!) I have been to numerous places all over the world but I have never visited them alone. THIS THOUGHT TERRIFIED ME. Until…. I bought a one way ticket to Amsterdam and never looked back! Since then, I have visited Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Mexico, and Asia!

I’ve hiked 25 days from Switzerland to Rome. I’ve snowboarded in the French alps. I traveled through five countries ALONE. Those are a few of my favorite memories which are all possible for YOU to do too!!

I want to help others and show them that IT IS POSSIBLE to pursuit your dreams of traveling! I want to encourage YOU to face your fears and doubts you have about traveling to explore new places by using some tip and tricks I have learned along the way.

Thank you for taking time to read a little about myself. Take a look around my site and learn how to start traveling NOW!

(P.S If you are wondering, I am the one on the left)

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