Camino De Santiago

Scallop shells, Spanish omelets, red wine, and lots of walking

8 Items YOU NEED for the Camino De Santiago

You are packing for your trip to Spain and if you are like me, it’s the night before you leave. I think I’ve packed all my necessities going over my mental packing list in my head. I’ve got my toothbrush, phone charger, underwear, socks, adapter…. but I still feel like I’m missing something! Here’s a … More

What to pack for the CAMINO DE SANTAIGO

So do you want to do the Camino de Santiago? Deciding to do the this pilgrimage was one of the best decisions I could of ever made. Although, without the advice from my mom, I wouldn’t have even known where to start with packing. I mean, what does one bring on a 12-14 day backpacking … More